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Brandon Springs series

Christian Fiction Novels

Three Days in Brandon Springs

This fictional Christian novel is the first of the Brandon Springs series.  It is about the life changing events, both real and imagined, encountered by a young man.  Ryan Walker, a thirty year old career minded Boston professional, returns to a small town in the southern Appalachians after receiving a letter from a probate judge requesting his presence.  The main character thinks Brandon Springs to be a clean and dull little village, but there he experiences emotional and mental turns which cause him to doubt his sanity.  He is haunted by a mysterious fellow even in his dreams.  There are elements of mystery and unexpected twists as the story progresses to a revealing conclusion. - Rating: PG13

In Search of in Brandon Springs

This Christian fictional novel is the second of the Brandon Springs series.  Ryan Walker had come to treasure a rich relationship with his Aunt Sally in Brandon Springs, a small town in the southern Appalachian Mountains.  He returns home to Boston after her death.  Mysterious events lead him to become knowledgeable of a charitable operation done in secret. He is forced to face ethical challenges when he also becomes aware of serious illegalities involving the effort. Ryan is soon pulled into the thick of the matter, and he finds himself in a situation that becomes deadly. 

Though he longs for the simplicity of life he had experienced in Brandon Springs, his life quickly becomes extremely complicated.   The story involves spiritual awakenings and revelations of human nature, as it progresses through tragedies and incredible experiences that span more than one generation.  It portrays human struggles regarding relationships with both people and our Creator, as the primary topic deals with life choices.  - Rating: High side of PG13 for violence - Upper teens and adults

Rest in Brandon Springs

Rest in Brandon Springs is the third, and last, novel of the Brandon Springs series.  Ryan Walker’s best friend, Larry, leaves the lucrative world of finance to become a minister who runs a mission for the homeless.  Tiffany is a beautiful, but troubled, woman.  She takes the fall for the man she loves, a drug dealer with a long record.   His conviction would have sent him away for many years.  Her clean record meant that she would be separated from him for a much shorter time.   Not knowing that she was pregnant, she gives birth to a daughter, Brandy (while in prison).  After her release, as part of her re-entry into society, she and her daughter are placed in Larry’s mission.  

Once a path is chosen in life, must one remain on that path?   Small trails, leading in new directions, often go unnoticed.  This world is a dangerous place, and most of us encounter a mix of tragedy and blessing.   Choices always have consequences, and poor choices can bring disaster for us and collateral damage to those around us.   It is encouraging to understand that God can take our worst situation, and bring blessing into it. This planet is not Heaven, and along our route to eternity we often we experience elements of hell.  - Rating: High side of PG13 for violence - Upper teens and adults

About the Author

Rob Williams, currently residing in Nacogdoches Texas, has served in multiple roles supporting the Christian community. Included in this long list of mentorships was his service as youth director of an inner-city church in Atlanta and working with children in some of the toughest housing projects in that city. Rob worked at a rehabilitation center for five years, where he became acquainted with the homeless. The center helped those on work release from jail and those who were physically and mentally handicapped. He has taught adult Sunday school classes for more than thirty years and led youth in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts for twenty years. Retired from the high-tech industry in Huntsville Alabama, he writes Christian fiction and science fiction in his free time. Rob is a husband, the father of four, and a grandfather. He is the author of the three novel Brandon Springs Christian fiction series, the dystopian science fiction novel Sins of Variance, the Christian fictional crime novel Gathering of Six, and Christian mystery Cabin by the Stream.
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